mardi 7 octobre 2014

Hades Army in The lost Canvas Anime

Voice - Hiro Shimono
15 years old. Boy Tengaikodoku which becomes Yorishiro of Hades of this era. I had spent together with Tenma from best friend and Sasha Jitsumai orphanage when I was young. It was the aim of painter but awake as Hades, drew but for drawing of Lost canvas to take the life.

Voice - Mizuki Nana
Trick: Noble Venom
19 years old. I lead to the source of the soul of Hades the person to be Yorishiro of Hades in this world. The woman which oversees Mei fighters, take command.

Develop a feeling of very strong hostility and because I think that was robbed alone serving as Hades for Sasha is Athena.

A girl to live in peace in a wealthy family Prior to awakening as Pandora, and was on friendly terms as sisters and partitas is the mother of Tenma. It was thought of as brother also of Tenma, but his brother is Partita disappearance day, was supposed to be born also disappear. It led the Meitoshi from feelings of betrayal in Partita, she was awake as Pandora, took the life of her. You do not realize is that Tenma the current, was the presence of family no better than their former.

Is Matsuriage as woman executive of Hades army around the time of a girl do not know anything yet, it had spent every day of fear and anxiety, but is saved by the presence of Rhadamanthys according to their own honest, and "dog", and the like of him it was carrying the trust and appreciation in nisin despite call. It was thought only as it was through the Hades after all also his loyalty, but know that it has been also directed to her own information and piety of his later.

Solved feud over the Partita in battle in the lost canvas, such as placing a word, such as do I think somewhere even for Tenma, attitude softened. It lost to inferior forces also opposed to him in order to stop the alone to act beyond the speculation of Hades, and is released on the ground saved by Rhadamanthys that appeared to Kase. Swear that it received the last words of his called "Survive", the process proceeds to the future even mused to sadness and despair. To where it went traveled to Hikitsure the Cheshire to say goodbye to the twins God holy war after the end, sealed, survived the holy war as well.

Twins God

God of twins to serve the entourage of Hades since the age of myth.

Hypnos God that governs sleep
Voice - Tsuboi Tomohiro
Tricks: Encounter Another field, Eternal drow ness
God responsible for the "sleep". Have the eyes and hair of gold, there is a chakra of the six-pointed star on the forehead. Play a role that leads to the picture that you disguised as priest of the cathedral of the forest, wake up as the Hades alone.

Not that you despise more than necessary human unlike Thanatos, and overwhelmed Yuzuriha and Zion of Aries in the overwhelming power of as God, and Mukaeutsu the haku lei further. In response to Owaza using also the soul of Saint our holy war in the past that had been hidden in him, were being sealed while admitted haku lei that was reach and attack to his own eventually.

In the anime, chakra has been changed to five-pointed star.
Thanatos God that governs the death
Voice - Kawata ShinTsukasa
Trick: tartarate Roz phobia, Terrible Providence
God responsible for the "death". Body is present in Elysion. Have the eyes and hair of silver, there is a five-pointed star chakra of the forehead. Feeling that despise the man in the hot-tempered strong

Overwhelms them in its power to Mukaeuchi the Pope sage Manigorudo of Cancer, despise the garbage man. However, lose body finally behavioral desperate of Manigorudo and Sekishikabaneki underworld wave combined forces of master and pupil, it is sealed until the end while ridicule the man.

Four God of Dreams

God of Hypnos under s. I have been told in Greek mythology, also brothers and both children of Hypnos.

God Oneirosu of dream
Voice - Hideo Ishikawa
Trick: Guardians Oracle
God responsible for the "oracle". We have the power summoned the soul of brothers, to force the integration of each "4 God Integration", which it was quenched the one country in one night by it.

Maboroshiyume Ikerosu
Voice - Ryusei Nakao
God governs the (phobia) in his phobia of the beast. And has the power to twist the space.

Karizo-sha Pantasosu
Voice - Kugimiya Rie (female body) / voice - Hino Satoshi (male body)
Trick: Grimm Fantasia (only ※ Anime Version)
God governs the non-reality. It's only female in the four God, are those of Karisome fact the figure is a man. I plunge into the world of dreams and Yuzuriha.

Modeling's Morupeusu
Voice - Tsuchida large
Trick: mole Fi Umm combed (only ※ Anime Version)
God governs the dreams of kings and heroes.
I manage the souls of heroes and kings in the deepest part of the dream-Morufia world.
The planting against the flower of mustard, unnerve and emotion.